Playing the History is a group of very talented musicians, formed in 2012 as a trio (Matteucci Hackett Lo Muscio) and later as a band after the release of their first cd called “Playing the History“.

The band members are :


Carlo Matteucci      bass guitar, classical guitar, composer & producer 1°2°cd


John Hackett          flute, composer (executive producer 1°cd)


Marco lo Muscio     pipe organ, grand piano, keyboards, composer (producer 1°cd)


David Jackson        saxophones and flutes , composer

                                 (Van der Graaf Generator)


Giorgio Gabriel       electric guitar, 12 strings and classical guitars, composer

                                 (The Watch)


Pino Magliani          drums and percussion




GUEST STAR:            Steve Hackett  electric guitar, classical  guitar, composer

                                               (Genesis ,Gtr)        

                                               (Playing the History & Prog Alchymia)


GUEST STARRING     on the upcoming CD ”Prog Alchymia” are:


                                     Duncan Parsons

                                     Nick Fletcher

                                     Alessandro Forti

                                     Giovanni Viaggi



                                                brief biography of the “Playing the History“ band:

                                                                   CARLO MATTEUCCI